Accelerate productivity, take on more projects and increase profit with Hilti.

Invest in Hilti to help improve productivity, reduce overall project costs, and increase profit.

In order to stay competitive in the market we need to reduce costs. Jobsite costs are the wildcard in the profit game, so we need to save money where we can, such as avoiding penalties or experimenting with alternative building materials. Having the right tools, materials and well-trained teams helps to ensure the work is done to a high quality and does not need to be repeated.

saving material costs 

Source the right products and solutions with fast and reliable advice.

Looking for ways to eliminate waste and save material costs? Hilti has a range of solutions to help save material costs on-site e.g. BX 3 (no gas cans), HDE 500 battery-powered dispenser (less mortar drippage), Modular support systems, Preformed firestop (no wasted mortar) and SD collated screw systems (no dropped screws). Help to reduce waste and always have the correct number of components with Prefabrication Services (especially kitting).

Specify the right products to help save material costs, avoid human error and reduce labor costs.

Need compliant products but want to avoid overdesigning and therefore increasing material costs? PROFIS Engineering is an easy and accurate design software, that helps you to select the right products (without overdesigning), in the right quantities, and with an optimized design. Anchor on-site testing can help to determine resistance and select the right anchor in case the base material is uncertain or unknown. If you need design help our Calculation Services can provide accurate quantities and Bill of Materials (BoM). BIM with Hilti in the design phase to unlock Design Optimization benefits like reduced fastening points, less supports and precast anchors/firestop.

Finding it hard to calculate the best price:performance ratio, or total cost of ownership for tools and consumables?

Hilti solutions can dramatically increase productivity and come with excellent service and support (such as fast repairs and manufacturer’s warranty). We have products to suit all trades, including tools that run on the same battery platform (so less batteries and chargers). 

save labor costs

With skilled labor in short supply, and time on-site being squeezed by project deadlines, ways to save labor are always welcome.

Reduce tasks to one-person operations like layout (rotating lasers), diamond drilling(DD-WMS + AF-CA) and preformed Firestop. Remove labor altogether with Design Optimization (pre-cast anchors / firestop, multi-trade MEP supports and prefabrication services).

Time on-site is one of the biggest drivers of costs.

Hilti has a range of innovative methods for all trades (Battery nailer BX 3,  SafeSet Technology, Modular support systems, Pre-formed Firestop Systems ) that significantly reduce install time vs traditional methods. Plus, reduce time taken to perform tasks using reliable and high-performing tools and inserts, easy to install anchors and quick to assemble modular support systems that can be ordered prefabricated and in Typical configurations.

avoiding mistakes / installed quality

Want fast and reliable advice to source the right products that are approved and easy to use? Hilti has everything available online to help you make purchasing decisions, including a range of online Product Selectors, and if you need advice, your dedicated Account Manager can visit you in the office, or our helpful Customer Services teams are only a call away. Contact us


Productivity of applications

Need to meet project deadlines, and want to take on more work at the same time? Outdated methods and equipment slow you down. High-performing tools, inserts and accessories that work together as a system can be productivity multipliers (e.g. collated screw systems, combis and inserts, diamond tools and inserts featuring Equidist technology). It’s not just about the latest tools, benefit from innovations that remove entire steps in the workflow (e.g. SafeSet, Preformed FS, BX), help you move to the next construction phase faster (e.g. Concrete Sensors) and pass inspections smoothly (e.g. Documentation Manager, BIM validation).


Post-Installed Rebar

Baseplate Installations

Concrete Coring

Piping Installations

Light-Duty Electrical Installations

Fastening on Steel

Elevator Installations

Façade Installations

Modular Support Systems

Energy and Industry Segments

Selecting the right products

Not always getting the most informed advice from dealers / resellers? Want a demo, to try before you buy? With our direct customer relationship, your dedicated Account Manager can visit you on-site to help you select the best product for your application, project and business. Hilti develops quality products, but if cost is a consideration, you have flexibility through Multiline, and value with Everyday Fastenings.


Availability of resources

It can be frustrating to have to work with multiple suppliers, across different technical standards, codes and approvals, or with resellers who don't know the portfolio. Plus, placing orders on different systems, securing availability and chasing deliveries can be complicated. Hilti has a complete offering for most trades, so you can streamline processes, bundle deliveries and rely on fast repairs.

Not having resources available can lead to delays, higher costs and even penalties. So, you need a strong partner who is proactive and reactive – especially about deliveries, tool repairs and asset management. Hilti are here to help, with good product availability, fast repairs  and convenient logistics services. 

Whatever stage of the project, we are there for you when you need us, with dedicated Account Managers, field and office-based Engineers, a network of Hilti Stores and friendly Customer Services.

Incorporate technology on-site

Struggling to incorporate technology on-site because your teams need training, are resistant to change or prefer to work with what they know?

Hilti has a range of easy-to-use jobsite automation tech (Advanced layout, Jaibot, AutoFeed-CutAssist) smart products ( Battery-powered nailer BX 3, AT module, Concrete Sensors) and collaborative software. Need some help to get started? Your knowledgeable Account Managers and Service Consultants can demo/train your teams and help with change management.

Stay up to date with our INNOVATION @ Hilti Blog and read the latest news of new Hilti products, construction services, software or engineering solutions click here.

Training and development

With skilled labor shortages, it can be hard to attract the right people, keep them motivated and get them to stay. Hilti solutions are designed to be easy-to-use (even for unskilled workers), and high performance for your professional teams. If you need support, we have experienced Account Managers, Field Engineers and Service consultants available to help work through your jobsite challenges.

Difficult to find the time to stay informed about product updates and the latest regulations? We have a varied program of Webinars – available live or recorded – to help you keep up to date and earn CPD points too. Got a specific question? Ask Hilti, our online community forum, is by engineers for engineers. Prefer to discuss it direct? Hilti Engineering support is available: on the phone, in the design office and on the jobsite. Fill out the contact me form.

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