Switch to injectable epoxy mortars

Epoxy grouts and epoxy mortars are used on construction sites for many adhesive or light to heavy anchoring and rebar connections in concrete.  The installation of epoxy grouts & epoxy mortars gives your workers exposure to this chemical while doing the installation, it’s not dangerous when the right safety measures are in place.

It is important that this health risk is taken seriously because this is a lifelong health risk for the workers even well after the prolonged exposure. It is important that the workers do not have any exposure to their bare skin and they are using the correct gloves that protect against chemicals absorbing into the skin.

One way to reduce exposure to workers is to use injectable epoxy mortars instead of epoxy grouts as this reduces the risk of exposure to their workers alongside with the correct usage of the correct gloves for this application.

Watch this video – Epoxy exposure & how to work safely

“This will help the market make their workers safer by switching to epoxy mortars from epoxy grouts which is also affordable for them not only saving them time but also money.”


Hilti has a new economical epoxy mortar to get your started

Hilti is excited to announce the launch of an affordable injectable epoxy mortar in this market. The Hilti HIT-RE 10 economical epoxy mortars and the Hilti HDE 500 cordless dispenser offer the ideal solution for light and medium, non-structural, anchoring applications in concrete. Suitable for wall tie, parking stopper, lintel, staircases, upstand or dowelling applications. This epoxy mortar system delivers flawless fastening at a competitive price while keeping mortar waste to a minimum and complying with high health and safety standards.

This new injectable epoxy mortar, Hilti HIT-RE 10 is affordable because it reduces the cost per fastening point with 70% less wastage than epoxy grouts. HIT-RE 10 epoxy mortar comes in a hard cartridge and offers one of the easiest installation processes of all chemical anchor systems on the market. The cordless Hilti HDE 500 dispenser features an adjustable mechanism that allows you to precisely set the desired amount of mortar dispensed with each pull of the trigger. This helps save time during installation, reduces your costs per anchor installed and minimizes risks due to improper installation but most importantly minimizes exposure to the workers skin.

Hilti’s authorised distributor in your market also offers a range of technical data that makes it faster and easier for you to source product load tables or material safety information related to Hilti products.  The Hilti HIT-RE 10 achieves good load values with all relevant anchor rod and rebar sizes and at various depths of embedment. As the more reliable alternative to grout for long-term fastening solutions, it greatly exceeds the unsatisfactory load performance of many grout anchors by eliminating the imprecise mixing ratios of the ingredients and the inaccuracies related to the dip-and stick installation method (epoxy grouts) we see all the time on the job-site.


Hilti account managers are also available in your market to provide free trainings on your site for the proper and safe installation of the Hilti injectable epoxy mortar HIT-RE 10.

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